What is Mantorship

Mantorship is a life disruptive program designed to help men identify and live in our truth, build confidence, create honesty with ourselves and others, ultimately leading us to happier, more successful and meaningful lives.

Mantorship is a combination of both one-on-one and group coaching; open hearted sharing in the Circle of Brotherhood, plus an engaged social community of conscious like minded men in the Wolfpack, accountability partners, utilizing a step by step system that puts your life on a positive path of self development with forward thinking concepts, facing our fears by embracing the power of change, the beauty of impermanence, the need to act decisively, living in gratitude and presence of mind.

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Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld is a modern day renaissance outlaw, a creator, a seasoned entrepreneur and a multi-platinum recording artist with a proven track record of success across several industries and verticals, including music, film, television, tech, photography, marketing, promotion, production, distribution and adult entertainment.  

He has not only walked the road less traveled but paved the way and set the bar for an example of a true rich multi-faceted life with success in many different industries.

Private Coaching

Evan is offering private one on one coaching for a limited time

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What Mantorship has to offer, at the highest level


One on one coaching sessions with Evan Seinfeld. Find your truth and move towards it with conviction and the support you need.


Join our ever growing community of likeminded men


Learn how we, as a team, hold each other accountable to the goals we set and ensure we are in constant pursuit of our higher purpose


We aspire for continuous growth as individuals and the Mantorship community as a whole

Join the Brotherhood

If you think you can be happier in your life, work, relationships, fitness, financials; if you are looking to be happier and more present in all areas of your life, then Mantorship may be for you! If you feel you can use help with motivation, inspiration, making decisions, finding our truth, passion, purpose and ridding your mind of negative self talk, Mantorship can be for you!

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"I’ve been involved in personal development for athletes for over 15 years. I first met Evan at an event he held at his home. I knew immediately upon meeting him he possessed a special ability to communicate and connect with people. It’s rare these days you find an individual with a genuine need, desire in their heart to bring people together then find ways to help them become better in their lives. I am honored to call him a friend. I am excited to see him make a serious dent in the universe and the lives of others. Evan is a true gift so pay attention men."
Jason Gordon - The All in Athlete
"I met Evan while leading the Men's circle in Playa del Carmen. We quickly connected because we had the same intention, to help men raise their level of consciousness and create a space where men can express themselves openly and authentically. And we choose to work together. During these months, it was a huge help to be part of a space for refocusing, monitoring, support, and brotherhood, where new men come every week to share and receive inspiration. We do work as a team, sharing the space and creating a project where we decided that together we are stronger. Evan has extensive experience. He is a highly creative person who has a lot of humility and is always willing to help and receive input from his colleagues. It is a pleasure for me to be part of the team, to have the opportunity to accompany him with my support tools, and to have become his friend in the process."
"I’ve been in recovery from addictions and PTSD for 11+ years and have belonged to many self improvement/recovery circles and groups! I’ve found that MANTORSHIP offers a unique and inspiring experience for males looking for fellowship and relatability in our journey to further our growth together. MANTORSHIP is and continues to be a staple in my recovery process and an amazing addition to my weekly regimen!!! I’ve met so many kind, likeminded men who have opened my eyes and shared their truths with me in a way that is truly inspiring and thoughtful. We all go through the same inner battles with ourselves and even though our stories differ, I’ve found that our emotions are exactly the same. This group is a “must-experience” for any man who doesn’t want to continue to walk the path alone!! MANTORSHIP is a community of likeminded men sharing their deepest secrets and inner battles who lift each other up and hold each other accountable for their lives and futures!!! TOGETHER WE CAN WALK THIS PATH WITH NO FEAR OF JUDGMENT!!!"